Show Notes, July 16, 2013

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Only the ACES Could Make Zimmerman the Victim

Couldn’t the Augusta Chronicle Editorial Section (ACES) just have left this alone instead of rubbing the verdict into the face of all who know from personal experience that race has everything to do with who is considered suspicious, who has “ground” to stand on, which victims receive police resources in an investigation and whose homicides are justifiable?

There is an extrajudicial killing of a black person in the United States every 28 hours.

But ACES says race has nothing to do with it.

When Trayvon was shot, why did not the NRA come out and say, like it said with the school employees killed in Newtown, CT, “Had Trayvon been armed, he would have killed Zimmerman.” Because self-defense is not a right given to black people.

Juries tend to dismiss self-defense claims of blacks when the person who dies is white.

When white boys drink and smoke pot, they are not judged to be headed for “the thug life culture that spans [sic] the little gansta [sic] wanna bees,” to use the expression of the first comment.

For white people who can’t understand these things, try reading some testimonials from We Are Not Trayvon Martin.

Are Trayvon’s Parents Stalking Zimmerman?

The ACES uses hyperbole to discredit blacks’ defense of their right to walk down a street without armed vigilantes following them. It writes:

The very people who bitterly complain that George Zimmerman stalked Trayvon Martin now seem intent on dogging Zimmerman …

Does it have evidence that Trayvon’s parents are “dogging” Zimmerman? Or the NAACP? Or any recognized body? Or are individuals expressing their frustrations on Twitter now a way to judge the entire movement it took to even have the Sanford police investigate the incident.

BTW, how many racist, threatening tweets and comments in its own web site against non-whites does the ACES write about?

Ben Hassan, the publisher of Urban Pro Weekly, gave an interview to Anibal Ibarra. The entire audio clip is worth listening to, but you can skip to Ben Hassan’s comments at 3:30.


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